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BrianK Climate Control Unit repair - Stellar Service!

1 June 2005
Los Angeles, California, United States
Just picked up my NSX and while the a/c worked great it wasnt blowing hot air or moving air through the defroster. Did a bunch of research here (thanks Prime) and decided to send my CCU to Brian. He was prompt and turned it around very quickly.

I just put it back in the car and everything is working as it should. Just wanted to say thanks and let anyone know who's unit needs to be fixed that they should send it to him.

Thanks Brian! :biggrin:
I've never had to use Brian but after I got my NSX years back,I removed the console/CCU for radio install and there was Brians card attached to the CCU.
Looks like Brians already been there.:wink:
My CCU went out a few years ago and I sent mine to Brian to be repaired. He fixed it and attached his card to mine also. I left it on the unit and installed it that way. It makes it easier to know where to send it again if it ever needs work in the future (although I don't see this as the case). Nice touch Brian :wink:

We can only wish that other venders were as upstanding as Brian is in his business endeavors. I have seen many owners use Brian's service and I have never heard anyone have a bad experience. I know it is hard to please everyone but it is how we deal with these situations that count. For this, I tip my hat to Brian. Perhaps he can school some other vendors on Prime and educate them on how it is done..........

It really makes the decision easy (when your CCU needs to be repaired) when you have a vendor like Brian to work with.
Would you kindly send Brian's contact info to me please. I have a climate control unit that needs to be service.

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[MENTION=7588]Briank[/MENTION] , what's current turnaround on CCU service?