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Bridgestone Pole Positions

23 August 2001
sacramento, ca, usa
I got my nsx a few weeks ago and it needs new tires soon. Has anyone tried the new S02 Pole Positions? The rainy season is going to start about the time I get new tires. According to the ad the tires have a new carbon formula that prevents hydroplaning, offers superior grip, and lasts longer. I don't even know the sizes available since they weren't listed. They did say that there are initially 50+ sizes available.

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Sure you didn't mean SO-3? That's what I have ordered. Still waiting to get the wheels mounted. I will post impressions when I get everything setup.


Check with Vick at:
Discount Tire Center
10707 Valley Mall
El Monte, CA 91731

Business Hours:
Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm
Sat: 8am - 5pm
Sun: Closed

Tel: (626) 579 -1182 (888) RIM - ALOT (888) 568 - 2746

Email: [email protected]

Very knowledgable on NSX fitments and has MANY options for tires and wheels.
I'm going to be running these wheels:

18X7.5 F
18X8.5 R

Tires are

225/35/18 F
255/35/18 R

It might have been better to get 215/35/18 in the front as that matches the stock front size almost exactly, but I don't believe the S0-3's are offered in that size.

I ordered from Tire Rack.
About $1000 with shipping.

Well I've been using the S-02 Pole Positions for two years now and have been so happy with them I wouldn't even consider anything else except S-03's. They don't last very long though in the rear but the traction you get from them is amazing. On the street you will unlikely take them to their full potential as they grip very well when warmed up, even in the rain they do very well. Unfortunately they grip so well in the dry that your NSX does not have enough power to get any throttle on oversteer unless your in 1st or really on the edge in others. I'm running 215 - 255 (17/18) combo and found compared to stock you loose a lot of understeer, just put my stock tires back on and forgot how much the NSX pushes the front off line. With the S-02's it was merely point and shoot. Get em you'll be happy!
Well, I've been running the S02's for some time now and I am very happy with them. I'm running the 17's in the front and 18's rear wrapped over the BBS RSII's and they sure do grip the road. Down at the track they also held up great. I probably replace my rears about every 8K miles or so and my fronts are still in excellent shape even after double that. Best price is probably tirerack.com but I always manage to chew discount tire down to close to the same price. In fact, dealer cost on the tires is about $200 each; so my average tire bill with installation and the warranty runs about $250-$260 per tire. I haven't tried the S03's yet; if anyone has any A-B test results please let me know.
I have the S03's on the back now for a couple of months.
I did had the S02's before, and thought they where absolutely incredible, actualy to good for driving around town, no longer the fun at low speeds.
I found the S03's straight from the beginning much less then the S02's. Shared my thoughts with others, and gave the tires some time to prove themselves.
Now, maybe 2 months later, i still don't like them. They look crap (compared to the S02's), and the grip is so much worse!!!
But then i read that the S03 is NOT the follow-up for the S02!!!

I did approx. 10.000 KM (6250 Miles)with my S02's in the back.
I changed them from left to right and viceversa at half of their life.
Maybe not the best thing to do, but at Hfl. 625,00 (USD 265,00) a piece i'll give it a go. It turned out that my car handled fine.
I use the 91-92 setup.