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Bridgestone S-02 tires

I drove an NSX (pretty hard) with them and liked them. I hear wonderful things about their performance. However, I did not feel there was any difference between the so2pp and the goodyear eagle f1 g2's, so I bought the goodyears and have been very happy. similar tread pattern and performance, but for some reason they dont seem too popular on the NSX, a couple of my misguided porsche friends have them - thats how I heard about them. there is a pictures of my wheels / tires in the picture gallery. good luck.
I used to have the Bridgestone so-2 PP on my NSX and loved them. It offers great tire tread and performace, however, the price is too high and the tire wears out pretty fast. If I had lots money if my pocket for me to spend, I would definetly go for so-2 again.
I have been running the SO-2's for a good while now and really like them. They offer excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions. High speed stability is very good as well. I have 13,000 miles on my fronts...1,000 of that is ON THE TRACK! This past week at Road Atlanta they held up very well and I was actually able to run with a couple of cars that were running on Hoosier slicks. My rears lasted 10,000 miles...I run 2 degrees of negative camber in back and have performance gears so they get put to good use on a regular basis. Relative to other mileage testimonials from NSXrs and other tire brands...I am very pleased with the way these have held up. Yes, they are expensive. So is your car. The only thing keeping your car on the road and looking good are your contact patches. Why compromise?