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brought it home today :o)


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12 April 2005
San Clemente Ca.
Happy days!

Its Tino's car "bboxer"
Unreal cond! :biggrin:
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I was not shopping for mods, but like all of 'em.
(will get rid of the yellow bar, & badge though)
Has complete History from the window sticker forward.
1st sold in 1/95 $76k, Tino bought it from a friend and has owned it here in Ca. since 97. No idea how he kept it so nice! Not a scratch.
Was not shopping for Red, but really like it with the Tan.
(Man, Am I glad thats over!)

> 6xCD changer
> Brand new 16/17 OEM wheels and OEM Bridgestone tires,
> Tubi exhaust, DC Headers, RM cf intake,
> Koni adjustable with Eibach springs, Dali swaybars and harness bar,
> Gruppe M titanium shift knob, new front lip,
> Dali brake ducts, Slotted rotors with new pads.
> Always garaged and serviced regularly, Mobil 1 .
> New cambelt/water pump/clutch disc 5K miles ago.
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Looks like the rear lower bumper was painted red. First time i've seed the rear color matched :biggrin:. I sort of like the 02+ rear bumpers. Perhaps i should go with exhaust rather than details :confused:
Excellent car sir...congrats!!

How does that exhaust sound in person... Is it as spectacular as everyone says it is?

Well, I am no expert. In the past 6 weeks I have driven 6 NSX's.
(4) 91's and (2) 94's.
Was able to check out Stock, Supertrap, GM, & Tubi
of the few I drove.

Supertrap, very deep & low pitched, didn't seem to wanna sing),
Sounded better on the NSX than on a V8 though,
(Very tinny sounding on solid lifter V8's. To me anyway)

Stock (very quiet) my wife even commented on it. But our last "fun car"
was a big block with side pipes
So I am free to roam as far as exhaust goes.

GroupM sounded very good, seemed a tiny bit lower & louder at low rpm's compared to the Tubi, may be due to the fact that there is no Cat. with the GM?
Didn't take the GM over about 6000 rpm so I cant say what's its like in the upper upper range. The Tubi sounds very good to me, and is already on the car.
Am curious what it sounds like outside the car, at 6-7k rpm.
Tons of info on this everywhere on this forum.
(See, Muffler Wars) LOL LOL
Sound is very subjective. All these are much quieter, and more civilized
than I am used to. But am very, very happy to have this system.
(This car had an RSR prior to the Tubi.)
I guess it needs to be talked about. Would not want to spend $1500 to $2000+ and say, nope that's not what I'm looking for.
"Looks like the rear lower bumper was painted red. First time i've seed the rear color matched"

Both Tino and his son had their NSX's lower bumpers painted red. (yrs ago) They had seen it done on a 91 NSX exhibited at the factory museum in Toshigi when they visited in 99. I had not seen it either, but am new to NSX's and understand it is, or was not all that uncommon. I asked him so many times if the car has had any paint work I know I irritated him.
"FOR THE LAST TIME-NO PAINT WORK EVER". LOL LOL, I can always spot paint work, but it's just so perfect :eek: . So perfect I just had to keep asking. Will however not be asking again........ :biggrin:
Congrats on a great find! The Tubi is a very sought after exhaust, and I know Tino keeps his cars very well.

Come on out Thursday to South Coast Acura and meet others. There should be a variety of mods to make up your shoppping list for the next few years. Get the checkbook ready, once you get hooked on the go fast crack pipe...., ya never look back :)
Cant make it Thurs, something came up at work.
Will be there in July.
Give me a call between now and then if you are ever down south.
Congrat's man, as I recall it's been a tough search for you but it looks like you got a real nice car.

I just sent you a pm about perhaps meeting up!