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Buffalo wild wings chino hills this wednesday

17 June 2009
Chino ;)
Whos down to come out again. Were doing it this wednesday, not thursday as i found out wednesday is all wings are 60 cents, bone or boneless. So with that said, whos down;) same place off 71 and chino ave

1. Nsxftw (jason)
Come on guys, 9 of you showed last time. No one wants to come out?
Wow I didn't know Wednesdays were 65 cents of any type of wing!!!

I went two Thursdays ago for the 65cent boneless wings. Asian Zing and Mango Habanero were delicious!!!
Man you guys have some great get-togethers..........sometimes makes me wish I was still living in So Cal.
Yea, i set it up 2 weeks ago cause thurs had a discount, but my friend working there said wed was all types of wings like 60 cents or something cheap so for everyone that wanted bones last time heres your chance wednesday ;)
So is anyone going, otherwise there is no point to go alone lol
If you're still going, what time?

I'll be free around 8-8:30PM after I finish up some work around Pomona, if you still want to go. I don't have an NSX though at the moment :(
Should i make this for next wednesday, only 1 person