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bumped not deleted

17 December 2005
Portland, Oregon
I just had my for sale ad deleted. I thought they were good for a month and I have two more days. I also see that other people have bumped their ad for another thirty days. How can I do that? Can I reactive the old add or do I have to start all over again?
Your ad was not deleted. Your "bump" message is what was deleted. Your ad was posted 3/25. That means you can bump it 4/25, not 4/18 which is the date you tried to bump it.
I'm not up on how this is done
Can you point in a direction to bump to the next date?

At 30 days, you can bump a thread, as seen in the rules here. Quoted from the rules: If you want, you can revise your ad and after 30 days you can reply to it to "bump" it up to the top.
Your thread can be bumped at 4/25, exactly 30 days from when it was posted. Reply to it on 4/25.
John :biggrin:
Why wasnt the thread deleted, since the rules were technically not followed?
I'm not a moderator around here, but the answer to this question is quite obvious. The original post followed the rules. The post containing the bump within 30 days broke the rules. So it made perfect sense to delete the bump post, and not the original post.
Why wasnt the thread deleted, since the rules were technically not followed?

Because unless it is a recurring issue the moderators typically just delete bumps for NSX-related ads, since the NSX is the focus of this site.

For non-NSX items in General Classified, like the one you bumped, we are simply not going to deal with it and delete the ad because non-NSX ads are NOT the focus of this site.