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Burn out and coolant everywhere!!!!

20 March 2009
Hey guys,

Well to start I dont usually beat on my car unless I am racing, but I had just got off the gym I was at the back parking lot of sam's club there was no people around, so I decide for a very little burn out.

I slowed down, I stoped, I reved it to about 3500-4000 RPM and drop it into first.
Everything seemed fine, but when I looked on the rear view mirror I could see a big stream line of liquid right beside the tires burn mark, Then also looking on the rear view mirrow I could see a bunch of smoke and ofcourse then I also notice that hideus coolant smell.

I went around turn off the engine open the hatch and there was alot of coolant everywhere on top of the engine and just pooring to undearneat undearneat the car.
I havent being able to figure out where is the coolant coming from, its dark and late and I wont probably be able to get at the car for a couple days, so I would like some input on what you guys think the problem is, what do you guys think has failed.

There is not oil so I guess I did not blow the engine, I will take everything apart as soon as I get a chance, but I would like some suggestions and see if this has happened to any of you before.

Thanks in advance,

If you are still running on original coolant lines this was probably an inexpensive lesson. At least you weren't on the freeway at high speed.

I have tried to espouse the importance of changing all the coolant hoses on older cars before something catastrophic happens. Just go ahead now and change them all.
+1 on that. I had Zahntech change mine recently after reading another thread like this. Turns out most, if not all of the coolant hoses were cracked and dry-rotted. Just one more thing to consider about owning an old car (mine is a '92).

It's most likely a coolant hose or the coolant overflow bottle.

If you still have the original OEM coolant bottle, it is known to crack at the seam. The system is high pressure and splits the bottle pretty easily. Especially if you have the engine cover off and direct sunlight hits it.

Don't drive it. Have it towed.
To find your bad hose look under the coolant bottle. There are three hoses and the most inner one is split. Hopefully you shut it down before it overheated.

This is one of the most neglected services on the car. I see many with 17 year old hoses, bad news.

thanks guys,

I guess now I have to make the choice between silicon hose or Dali's oem pakage.

What is durability/reliblity of the oem hoses compare to the silicon ones?

Manuel I have a set in stock if you need them call me.