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Buyer beware of Formula Faraz

24 March 2023
I sent feedback but wanted to cover my bases here. I'm really sad to do this actually, but I've been patient and now Faraz has ghosted me. It may not make a difference for me but maybe it will help someone in the future. This is in reference to my purchase of the 1991 car here:

Faraz was actually pretty good throughout almost the entire process. Very responsive and everything else you would want in a seller from half way across the country. Unfortunately, he did not disclose that the audio system was not working. He admitted that he knew it wasn't working via text later on which makes it that much more disappointing. I've offered a few ideas to make it right but he's gone incommunicado and has not offered any solutions to counter what I thought was already a fair compromise.

The HVAC is also not working right. He claims it was working fine when he had it. The symptoms are off and on so perhaps he's telling the truth there. But since he didn't disclose the audio system issues, it's hard to trust his word on the HVAC system. In any case, it's not the end of the world... I accept the risk of making a big purchase sight unseen. So that's on me. He may not interact with the NSX community ever again, but for those in the Chicago land area, you may want to be wary of his detail business as well.
fwiw I don't know him but my 96 oem radio has been dead weight for years now..
Respectfully, unless you had a different agreement, it’s generally buyer beware and the car is sold as is. I don’t think there’s enough to go of here to say he acted with bad intent. It’s easy to miss certain issues when describing the vehicle, sometimes bc the issue has not been significant to seller. I believe the HVAC and radio is a common issue. I recently bought an NSX and have a couple issues the seller likely knew but did not mention, but my recourse is not with the seller. I have no reason to believe the seller withheld information. I knowingly bought the car knowing it likely had issues why 30+ yo car would and if I cared enough I would have had it done more due diligence. I think you’ve acknowledged this in your post so I’m not sure if this is fair feedback as it implies he acted in bad faith and he should not be trusted (by saying to be wary of his business). Just my two cents.