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Buzzing problem

1 August 2003
Las Vegas, NV
Ok im having a problem. I have done many installs my self and the only other time I have had the alternator buzzing sound was in my POS VW BUG :tongue: I installed a new Rockford amp in my friends NSX and when I turned the car on I get one hell of a buzzing sound when the car is running and I even get it when its not running. The amp is mounted on the right side of the trunk agents the back firewall. He told me that before his old amp when out a year or two ago it was buzzing then to. I’m not using any of the old wiring and the amp isn’t even in the same spot on the car. Could the stock stereo be the problem? Tomorrow when I get to work im going to run a + and - jumper from the battery this may or may not fixit. O yeah I'm drawing the standby power from the power antenna. If you have other idead let me know.