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C-speed Racing Honda Challenge H1 K20A EG Race car ***Give-Away***???

2 October 2005
Bellingham, WA
Hey Everyone!

I'm not too sure on where to post this or where to start, but as some of you may have already heard, we (C-speed Racing) is proud to announce that we picked up a new title sponsor (Sports PrimeTime Network - http://www.sportsprimetime.net) and have been working really closely with them over the last couple months. Before I continue, I want to thank the owners and the team over at SPTN for their generosity and support!

Again, those that have been following our racing history already know, since back in '98-99 we've always tried to be at the forefront of the racing scene. Over the last 4 years, we moved from drag racing to road racing and worked really closely with Topshift.com and our 93 Honda Civic EG, and we've had great success (and many victories :D ).

We were of the first to ever break into the 12's nearly 10 years ago in drag racing, and we placed 2nd overall in NW Honda Challenge H1 in the 2006 season points chase.

If you've seen the VERY popular "The Pursuit of Function" DVD, where we were also featured:


Anyways, getting off topic :p From day 1 with our talks with Sports Primetime Network, the subject of starting from scratch (again) and building an entirely new race car kept coming up. The marketing team at SPTN would 'prefer' to launch the debut racing season with us with an entirely new chassis that is solely "SPTN" - which obviously from a marketing standpoint, makes sense.

However, from a driver/team owner standpoint, it opens up a whole new can of worms - those who have built a race car from the ground up would know =( Not only does it require a TON of labor and fabrication, but the testing and R&D alone would take several months to make the car equally competitive as the old chassis.

Which brings me to my next point... we've always ran the current Civic EG chassis you've seen, since our debut into Road Racing. Idealy, we'd (C-speed Racing) would like to run a DC2 chassis or S2k, however our track record has been great with our current setup, so do we really want to switch to a new untested one (from the reasoning above)?

Well, because of those reason, that is why we still run our current EG setup, however since 07 we've had the K20A powerplant - an upgrade from our previous built B18C.

So, over dinner with the guys at Sports PrimeTime Network last night, the owners threw a wrench into the spokes. They prefer to start our efforts together with a new chassis, rather than simply change the livery on our current setup. Thus, the wrench is that they offered to "buy out" our current EG, so that we can start looking for a new DC2 or SK2 chassis.

"WOW!" you say? Well, our jaws dropped too. Basically, SPTN is willing to front the bill for the new build entirely! Who can argue with that right? DC2/S2k chassis here we come!

Well hold on... :p

#1 the 2008 season is already underway
#2 if SPTN bought the chassis from us, what would they do with it?

So, as dinner and drinks flowed on during the night, we came up with an "idea"... :beer:

A little history first... I'm sure most of you haven't heard of Sports PrimeTime Network before. I'm not surprised! They are a brand new entity in the internet sports gaming world. Whats different about SPTN is that not only can you get the latest sports news, game schedules and scores, but you can learn how to bet on real sporting events, and its FREE! You can place 'bets' on whatever games that are playing and see how well you do against all the other players on SPTN. It's real life games, real Vegas odds, but you're not betting real money! So there's no risk, just fun! And the best part is, every week the player that wins each game period gets free prizes! (Last week was a custom engraved iPod Nano).

Ok, so thats what SPTN is...

They just launched a couple weeks ago, so they are looking for ways to promote the site (of course). So, we mentioned that instead of just 'buying out' the race car, why not GIVE IT AWAY as a Prize?

Wheels started turning, hehe as we sat in silence for a few moments around the dinner table.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post.

SPTN has no problems 'buying out' our EG, however because SPTN is more 'general sports' related (NFL, NBA, NCAA, etc), they are concerned that giving away a specialized 'race car' may not draw enough attention or the right type of attention they are looking for. They currently give away sports memorabilia, tickets, electronics, etc.

So basically, I told them that I would put some feelers out there and see if people would be interested in playing Sports Primetime Network (its free!) to try to win our C-Speed Racing K20A powered Civic EG.

If enough interest is generated, then one of the upcoming SPTN prizes will be our C-speed race car!

So the bottom line is, would you try to win the car?


Here's some pics if you haven't seen it before:














Videos of us at the track can be seen on myspace:

Quick Specs:
93 Honda Civic DX HB
K20A (Type-R) powered - stock as per 2007 HC H1 rules
K20A (Type-R) gearbox - stock
AEM Intake, Hytech Header
Hondata K-Pro
NSX Calipers 11.2" rotor
GSR Rear Disc
2100lbs dry weight without driver/ballast
Corner weighted 60/40


I'll post up some more pics later. :wave: