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Can anyone run CarFax for me? JH4NA1157MT000728

Go to the CarFax website, pay your fee with a credit card, and get your report immediately online.

95 NSX-T, 5 sp, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlaptya SP9000s
Well I figured there are some people on this board who work at a dealership who can get access to it..

Sorry.. I just dont see paying $20 just for some small history on a car.
how much was this NSX?
what wrong with?
what state title?
Is it sold yet??
how much was this NSX?
$24k OBO
what wrong with?
Has Odometer Fraud and Salvage title
what state title? Originaly from Florida in '92 and then to California in '99 In Florida it as the Odometer fraud and in california it has the salvage title
Is it sold yet?? I doubt it.. I offered $10K as is due to the report and got no response.
where did u hear about this any publication?

Does the car run?

any damages?

what year?

dealership? private party?
Ok.. let me tell you the story about this car.

Yes it runs. and it was stolen (per seller) and they say it runs and had 40K miles on it.. the problem is that he wont provide me with a picture of the vehicle so I stopped there.. I was looking for a silver NSX '91~'93 and came across it via searching the web.
Where did u see it was itin some classifids

Where in Folsom Ca u at

i live in folsom also

if u see some one with a slammed Blue Legend

THAts me
Where in Folsom Ca u at
I work over by the Raleys

This is me (my daliy Driver a big POS)
Nice SI

which raleys the one on Bidwell

Here is my POS


It seems u are on tha net 24/7 with tha answers to my question like me i am at werk

i am on AIm if u got that my screen name is


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One day, when I was getting a smg check for my car, there was a red nsx getting one as well. I looked at it and noticed that the tow hook cover was off. Upon looking closer, I found out the hook is not there as well, and nothing inside the bumper. I took even a closer look at the car and notice the body parts didn't align. The hood, fender and front bumper was mis-align. I asked the owner if the car is salvaged since the whole front end seem to have been replaced. He just shrugged and said he don't think so in an unfriendly way. So I stop asking and just mind my own business.

The car looks okay from a distance, but definitely u will notice something funny. I guess he must have think they did a good job repairing it, but I definitely notice that the car has been into big accident.

On the other hand, I did saw a salvage one that was repaired beautifully. It was really hard to tell if the car ever been to an accident.

Better take a good look of a salvage car before u even decide to give it a price.
Originally posted by milz50:
The silver salvage '91 for $24k is also listed on autotrader.com
Yup that is him.. I wouldnt get it.. for about $5K more I can get a NSX in a mild used condition and have a clean title.. a Salvage title is non leverageable so you cant get a loan on it unless you do a cash loan = High Interest.. and if you think about reselling it forget it you lost you butt on it.

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