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Can anyone share their experience with Rear Pillar Creak fix?

1 March 2005
San Diego, CA
Hello folks,

I noticed that there is this TSB:


It seems to accurately describe a creak in my car that is really annoying that I'd like to get fixed. Has anyone had this rear pillar creak? What kind of success does this procedure have in fixing it? Also, anyone know of a dealer in SoCal that has experience with implementing this solution?

The "hit car with hammer blows" is kind of scary to leave to the newbie technician.

Thanks for any input.
Not sure if I'm hearing a creak like what's described in the TSB. But my '05 has this quiet vibrating/buzzing/rattle sound coming somewhere from between the passenger seat and the firewall/rear pillar area. It's present most of the time when driving on non-smooth road surfaces. I wonder if I can get Acura to fix it when I bring my car in for service. I sure hope so cause it's really starting to irritate me.