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Canadian Nsx Parts For Sale Ads - We had it good for a while....

8 April 2004
Edmonton, Alberta
Well boys, we ruined it for ourselves and now have to have our ads in the Main Marketplace area.... ok, who complained!!! lol
I guess its not that bad.....
I would suggest when posting a proper ad, that you, we, us,... place the word Canada or Cdn in the topic of your for sale Nsx Item or Nsx Vehicle.
Thanks Nsxprime for letting us break the rules for a while.
And remember all, Ed and I want to buy everything for sale, so call us first...lol
If members of the NSX Club of Canada have parts for sale send me an email, and I'll email it out to the club membership (once - I don't want to do it over and over). It'll be up to the recipients to respond to you directly, so include your email, and link to your ad on Prime if you have one.
trev , you should try to sneak one in on this thread!!!
see what happens