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Cannot set caster


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14 October 2003
Tokyo, Japan
Is there any workaround for this issue other than replacing the lower suspension arm ? Took my car in for an alignment after having new suspension fitted and the tech could not set the caster, he said everything turned but there was no change in the caster, camber could be changed but not caster.

Did a search and couldnt find anything on this, any ideas? both sides were the same he said.

I had an alignment a year ago and it was ok then.
This doesn't make sense because if the pivot can move and turns the caster has to change.

The lower suspension is not where the caster adjustment is so replacing that won't help.

What was the caster last year and what was he able to get this time without adjusting the pivot. Was this both sides or just one with the problem?
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uhm ... maybe my Japanese is too bad ... I will check with them again, they said that they can turn the adjustment but there is no change in the caster, I will get some pictures.
Get a alignment before/after print out of what they set the car at and PM or post it.
That saves the translation.
Hi, Havnt gotten back to the shop yet to get the before figures but question for you, due to the drop links rubbing on the shocks I turned them around before taking the car in for alignment (so that the thread side of the toe link pointed towards the shock, its shorter and therefore didnt touch) this made the drop link actually very rigid, could they be so tight that it could prevent the caster from changing ? just a thought (not knowing how these things are related)

(have comptech sways, type-R bars with the spacer kits on the bottom)