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cant decide on suspension setup ????

17 February 2008
Im planning to lower my car but I cant decide which setup should go with.
I cant decide over Tein FLEX or H&R w/ Bilstein. I am running OEM rims 16/17, I dont track my car just basic street driving.. HELP ME DECIDE GUYS!!
Do anyone have H&R springs on their cars please post!
better ride day to day would be the HR and bilstein based on spring rates. Unless you have buttery smooth roads around, then I'd go with the Flex. My roads suck. I'm going to Bilsteins since I drive my car often.
OEM springs + bilstein dampers + lower perch = done.


Why exactly are you considering coilovers? For street driving only it's overkill, IMO. Unless you want to play around with dampening settings (unnecessary for the street) or height.

If you'd like increased performance without diminished ride quality I'd suggest the Dali progressive springs but those will lower ~1.25".

If you just want to lower the car scorp is right on the money. OEM springs (which are excellent quality), Bilsteins on the lower perch (~.875" drop) and you're done. A set of Bilsteins is about $525 from NOPI. :cool:
Too bad you missed out of the H&R Cup Kits from Tirerack, they were only $795 I believe. You might want to call them to ask if they have any left in stock that's not showing up online.