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car cover for just the glass area of NSX-T

23 November 2001
Lancaster, PA USA
I plan to keep my targa top removed for much of the summer and as I don't want to replace it every time I park the car outdoors. One solution would be to put the car cover on, but car covers should only be put on freshly washed cars, and frequent use can damage the paint.

So.... I thought... why not get a cover made for just the glass area... that covers the windshield, side windows, and rear window. It will be small, easy to put on and off, keep sun and dirt out of the car, and since it doesn't cover any paint, I don't have to worry about abraision damage in wind.

I haven't seen such a product for sale, so I'm having one custom made at an automotive upholstry shop.

Would anyone else be interested in buying one? perhaps I can get several made at one time at a better price.
I haven't talked to the guy about price yet, but i'm bringing the car for him to see on Thursday and i'll post more info if there is any interest.

It seems like such a good idea, I wonder why no one has done it before.. or have they?

Thanks for listening.

keep the shiny side up
MikeC 01 #46
Although my NSX is not a t-top, I confronted this same problem with my previous 300ZX. I purchased a cover that resembled a rigid custom-fit windshield screen with suction cups on both ends. It was designed to cover only the open roof area. Unfolded, it would lay across the roof and attach to the windows on both sides. It worked great, but unfortunately was stolen and I found that the devise was no longer available (circa 1996). Since you are having a cover made, my advise is to use a suction cup system to hold it down rather than the usual shock cords found on the partial covers I've seen.
Good idea.Not that I have a "t"but the factory cover my friend gave me is a bit tricky to put on the car and hard to keep the cover off the ground (gathering abrasives) Especially when your only 5'5". :) Like me...

Wow.. two really great ideas.

name: The NSX hat.

and if it needs held down, use suction cups that would apply to the glass.

What stop with NSX's.. I can see it now... the "corvette hat", the supra TT hat, Segway IT hat. It will be so beautiful, you'll want to keep it on even while your driving.

But seriously, It sounds like a good idea and the practical answer to taking the top on and off all the time.

Gee.. this could be my big break.

Yea, the inventor of "sticky pads" just moved next door to Bill Gates. :)
There another house across the street available .I smell success.......
And another happy billionaire..

These are pretty common with convertibles -- covers that snap on to cover the "roof and glass" area", or portions thereof. Tonneau tops / covers, I think they're called.
The idea is idea for T owners and perhaps is an opportune time to further explore options ...........

Two years ago I went a step further and experimented with some R&D dollars a foldable cover to replace the T top when the car would be parked (not for driving purposes though). I was tired or annoyed by constantly deciding to put the top back on everytime I left the car unsupervised .....

After several attempts, I gave up.

The problems I was facing with was the front grooves were not deep enough to secure the top from sagging due to weight and the span of the T-top from one window to the other. We tried a Velcro strip to secure it with a clip on on the visor .... it just pulled it further down again because the groove did not offer any grip, ..... sure we could have made window clips to secure the sides, or suction cups, or ........ but the entire premise was to make it simpler than getting the hard cover back, doable with almost one hand while sitting in the car (we even made a condition that the piece should fit in the pouch behind the passenger seat and it did but the still .......... some have suggested using the concept by earlier Targa Porsches .......

Joe Lomoriello in PA and his brother have a garage and have done some custom work on Corvettes so they may be able to help up with a design ....... I tried to lure Joe last year but he was too busy, ..... Joe you are out there?

Whats with the storage pouch behind the seats? This is the second time i've heard of it, but my car doesn't appear to have it. Was it deleted on later cars?

01 #46
The NSX comes from the factory with a very tiny slit of a pocket behind the passenger seat. No other behind-seat storage was ever standard.

In Japan, an optional accessory is a storage pouch that goes behind the driver's seat. It consists of an open pocket on the bottom, and a removable portfolio on top that hangs on a tab.

For those of you who don't have the accessory from Japan, Hrant had some made that are similar to the JDM accessory.
For those of you who don't have the accessory from Japan, Hrant had some made that are similar to the JDM accessory.[/B]

Thanks Ken for the plug; minor correction though. They were/are the actual JDM Honda OEM products which I imported from Japan on two separate group purchases. A total 24 were ordered. I still have three left, two in their original unopened Honda boxes and with English instructions as well. The other is on display at Niello Acura. You can see the pics at:

And if you want a pic with the ivory interior, private me.
Originally posted by Hrant:
I still have three left, two in their original unopened Honda boxes and with English instructions as well.

English instructions??? MINE never came with English instructions!

And if you want a pic with the ivory interior, private me.

I already know how it looks with ivory...
Yep, I'm out here.
I wouldn't mind seeing what you came up with for the top if you have something that folds nicely.
I'll private you on this.