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Car Craft 08 Pics [big]

6 September 2002
Minneapolis, MN USA
Last weekend was the first time out for my '91 since last Fall when I got freshened up paint on the nose, trunk lid and spoiler. Observant folk will note the factory front splitter (broke my 2nd to last RM one), and the newly recovered seats - they are awesome.




More pics of the event here
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Hey Ed! Nice to see you post and lurk:wink: Car looks solid.
Nice and clean ... not sure about the little winglets without some other aero parts. Hood looks to be a very neat DIY maybe?

Just needs a dusting of satin black on the wiper arms

regards, Paul
Oh, I've been doing some BIBLICAL lurking...too buried to actually enjoy my toys! That is a modern tragedy I tell you.

Hood: That's one of the first venting hoods - the RM - which is far past no longer available. You can tell from the pics the fit is great. It has a great look - just like the Dali Single Scoop (send your hood to Mark and it'll come back looking just like mine), but is made of fiberglass. I go back and forth between liking the R style and mine, but I already have mine, so I like it better. For now.

Winglets: Gentleman, I'm here to tell you from a great amount of experience those two little pieces of carbon fiber are one of the best mods I've done to my car. Looks? Debatable. But that's not why I put them on. Stability under braking is what these babies are about. The before and after was pretty incredible actually. They slowed my top end a few MPH but that's why I have the nitrous. They are put on with rivets - and there's something about drilling holes in your NSX and jamming in pop rivets that make you know how much you are willing to do for performance.

Wiper arms: Senninha, you are very observant and very correct. I've painted them in the past, and it always wears off, so I'll just replace them with new. Its on the list.

Thanks guys, and enjoy the day.