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Car Doctor best for PPI?

9 July 2008
Mineral, Va.
I will be getting a PPI done on a 97 next week and have read all the threads about various techs and dealers in the No. Va. area. Unfortunately, sounds like I should stay away from the dealers which is kind of sad. Several people mention Charlie at the Car Doctor as one of the best around. Still the case or any other suggestions. I'm actually in Fredericksburg, Va. but buying the car in No. Va. and want to have someone really good look it over.

TIA for any help.

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Dan at Curry's auto(Sterling) but I never gave my car to them YET!. I plan to, if I do anything to my car. I went to the place spoke with him. He seems to have done few NSX around and was once in Pohanka Acura. Certified NSX mechanic.
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