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Car Haulers

23 October 2000
Irvine, CA
Hi Guys,
I'm moving from Orange County (CA) to Redmond, WA in a few weeks, and am debating how to get my NSX up there. Initially I planned on driving it, [Cost of professional transporting WAY to expensive], but last night I saw some pictures of personal Open Car Trailers (I think they're usually called Haulers). Does anyone know of any places that rent/sell these? Anyone own one? If so, how much did it cost?

I used a U-Haul full-size trailer to pull my '92 NSX from Seattle to Phoenix. Worked great, and didn't have any problems at all.

I transported my NSX from New Orleans to Austin, TX on a open trailer from Ryder. I checked around and they seemed to have a slightly better rate at the time.

I'm not sure if you need both, but renting a truck and trailer is usually a pretty good deal: I don't remember the exact price, but the trailer itself was less than $100 (with the ~$300 rental of an enclosed truck I used to pull it during the move). U-Haul and Penske (if available in your area) are probably pretty comparable, though.

You can check rates online (they usually have some Internet discount):
<a href="http://www.yellowtruck.com/">Ryder</a>
<a href="http://www.uhaul.com/">U-Haul</a>
<a href="http://www.pensketruckrental.com/">Penske</a>

Just be sure to back the NSX on the trailer and you'll have no problems.

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