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Car Just Stopped Running. Issue?

27 July 2021
Car stopped mid drive. 2003 with 113,000 miles. Ignition cranked well and all gauges fine, but engine would not turn over. After about 10 minutes wait, engine started up again and car runs fine. Don't want this to happen again. Fuel Pump issue? Other? Thoughts? Thanks!
Could be a fuel pump problem or a lot of other stuff. Absent more details there are a number of things that could cause this.

If the main EFI relay is original I would check there first. A main EFI relay failure is characterized by the CEL failing to illuminate when the key is turned to the run position and / or the fuel pump failing to go through its prime cycle (although a dead pump and a dead ignition switch will also do this). The main relay is also noted for intermittent failures - just whacking it may cause it to resume temporary operation. On an un-modified car I would bet a whole beer that the main EFI relay will fail before the OEM fuel pump.

The failures on the main relay are normally due to solder cracking / migration. Details here

If you are handy with a soldering iron you can usually restore the relay to just about new condition. So, examine the relay for cracks and if you can solder do the repairs. This is a cheap and easy way to test. If it fixes the problem, purchase a new relay and install it and keep the repair as a spare for when the relay fails again in 20 years.
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>Ignition cranked well and all gauges fine, but engine would not turn over.

Cranking = Engine turning over

So I think you mean the engine is turning over but not firing up.

Next time tap rear bulkhead above the center speaker a hand width below the glass.

If that fires the engine: main relay.
Hi, Thanks for all of the helpful responses. Was able to order a new fuel injector relay from Advance Auto Parts and have the local dealer install it. Car is running fine, I kept the old one as advised for future backup. I appreciate all of your help.