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Car surges, Any ideas?????

27 December 2001
Langley BC Canada
I have a 92 nsx that I just reassembled after it was stolen. When I drive it at about 3000 rpm and up it will surge back and forth very hard losing all power when this ahppens. It only seems to do this when it is at normal operating temperature. It feels like the TCS is being activated but the tires are not spinning. Please help me with any ideas. Thanks.....Jan.
Does it happen at all gears? At all throttle positions, or only on hard acceleration (presumably at WOT)?

Possible causes include:
- clutch slipping (you may have already checked this)
- bad wheel speed sensors (possibly fouled) -- can cause TCS to kick in (will probably also cause ABS to kick in prematurely)
If you think it may be a TCS problem, unplug the TCS computer on the firewall behind the drivers seat. If it is a TCS problem that will fix it and you can begin troubleshooting. If not, you will have eliminated TCS.
Hey Jan,

How many volts are you getting(the voltmeter under the gas gauge)? If you're getting below 13 or 12, you might be having a bad ground.

My car suffered the exact same symptoms as yours and turned out the engine ground wire was loose.