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Car update and ? about exhaust system.

25 October 2001
First, I wanted to thank Bob Flaminio for posting my message and thank you for all the responses.
(Here's the previous post: http://www.nsxprime.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/002874.html )

As I previously stated, before I bought the car I had an inspection and engine oil analysis done. Well, $6,028.86 and two days later I got my car back from Neillo.

I had Neillo Acura in Sacramento do the following:

Norm Iong was the ONLY one to work on the car.
Perform 90k service
Replace TB/WP
Replace all four axle boots, bands and grease
Install Comptech stg 2 clutch
Replace cam plugs
Replace driver's windows regulator
Replace rear brake pads and turn rotors
Replace missing/broke fenderwell clips
Replace wipers with OEM equipment
Replace bulb in driver side turn signal

I've decided against the 4.55 R&P and short gear combo. I'm patiently waiting on a list to have a BBSC installed in Area 51. Hopefully, I can get it installed this month, however since Mark has enough beta testers, he said December/January looks to be the earliest.

So I need your help to get the exhaust system taken care of. Do you know where I can find slightly used CT headers and muffler for about 2,000 around the Sacramento or Bay Area? What are some other any comprable header/muffler combos?
At nearly $1700, you're not likely to find a set of Comptech headers for that price. You should also consider the DC Sports header system, available on my website, for about $400 less.

mini epic here: http://www.nsxprime.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/002903.html

-- Chris


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Originally posted by Brad:
You can find a good almost new Comptech or other exhaust from Sacramento Motoring Accessories. Ask for Michael Ambriz. e-mail is [email protected]

AGHHHH I'm SOO upset when people waste my time. Well here is the chain of
events with SMA:

Friday 11/9 at 3:45pm I got this reply and called SMA and spoke with Michael
directly. I told him what I was looking for and he said he might have a
slightly used header but he'd have to check his warehouse. I left my home
and business number after he said he'd call me back before they closed at

Friday 11/9 No call back

Saturday 11/10 at 11:30 I called SMA and spoke with Mike again; he
apologized for not calling me back stating that he was busy. I said, “I
understand no big deal.” After chit-chatting about the plans for a Basch S/C
I was assured that he was going to call his warehouse to check if he had a
DC sports in stock and call me back

Saturday 11/10 No call back

Monday 11/12 at 11:00am I call AGAIN this time Brian? answers the phone and
Mike is on the other line and will call me back in 15 minutes.
3:30pm I CALL AGAIN!!!!!!!!! and get another person…Mike again is on the
other line….I left a message with the person that answered the phone: “Look
my car is at the shop I NEED those headers he has until end of today to
either call me back so I can get them tonight or early tomorrow morning!”

I don’t get it I HAVE MADE EVERY attempt to give them my business but WHY
don’t they want it???? GOD THIS IS BEYOND ME!!!!!!!!!