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Carfax - huh?

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Oct 23, 2000
Schaumburg, IL
From Carfax's customer agreement:

I agree to pay $19.99 according to my credit card issuer agreement. This Unlimited CARFAX Reports Plan is valid for thirty (30) days from the date the first report is run, and is intended for my personal use only. Commercial use, resale and redistribution of CARFAX Reports is strictly prohibited. I also understand that I am limited to one (1) purchase of this Unlimited CARFAX Reports Plan per household, each 12-month period.

Am I reading this correctly - I can only do an "unlimited" membership for 30 days, then I can't do another one for 11 months?? (& I'd have to buy them invidually at that point) What if I don't find my car within 30 days? Didn't it used to be 60 days of unlimited reports?