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Cars & Coffee (SoCal)- 4/12 ???

14 August 2006
Cerritos, CA
Anybody ?
Small crowd on 4/5/08
(Got there a bit late around 8:AM and 1/3 of the cars were leaving)
May have been the weather?

Crystal cove was an early event 6ish, I thought Cars and coffee got going a bit later? 7:00 7:30 ish
Ah.. not sure why.. Maybe they were preparing for a NCAA party in the afternoon last week ?
I will do my best to make it out too. I think I will try to sleep earlier on Friday night, to make it in time:biggrin:
Last week was actually quite crowded, but the actual number of exotics was low....in other words, the Mustang crowd was out in force along w/ some inconsiderate spectators who parked in the viewing area. If I wake up early, I'll go.
Never been - What is the best time to get there?