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Cd Changer removal+grom+smartenna

12 October 2011
Denver, Co
Im trying to instal my Grom in the cab behind the seat. I want to have the ipod in the arm rest area but is in the trunk now replacing the old changer. Have the Smartenna hooked up and want move my ipod from the trunk. Does anyone have a diagram of how the cable that feeds the changer in the trunk? Want to reroute that cable that feeds the changer back to the cab so that I can use the Grom and Smartenna together. Thanks
I believe that cable is already routed behind the seat and there is also a connector behind the seat you can connect it to, just disconnect the extension cable to the trunk.

If I understand what you're tying to do - activate the smartenna in the trunk using the factory cable - then you'll need to build a "Y" cable so the GROM signal gets passed to both the head unit in the dash, and to the Smartenna in the trunk. You'd only need to "Y" the data lines to the smartenna. IIRC there's a pinout in the Wiki...
Oh, i see what your doing but i haven't seen a smartenna before. I have a switch to cancel the antenna when i'm not using the radio which is most of the time.

I did it. see post #35 and #45

you need to either use the cable from the CD changer and route it back into the cabin, or route the two white wires from the smartenna into the cabin and connect the Grom there.

the audio-control path is as follows:

Head unit -- Smartenna -- Grom

I have both, Grom c/w bluetooth and my antenna is down.

The third option is to replace your antenna with a shark or guppy antenna.
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