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Cell phone buzzing/vibrating sound…..what is it??

30 August 2005
So Cal
I was working on my car last night (installing a comptech strut brace) and I kept hearing a weird noise. The noise sounds exactly like a cell phone buzzing when it is set to vibrate. It happened several times about 10 min apart and only lasted about 3-4 seconds each time. I know it was coming somewhere from the engine compartment but could not pin point it. The car was off, so I can’t think of anything that would cause the vibrating/buzzing sound. Has anybody ever experienced this or have any ideas what it could be?? I was thinking the fuel pump, but that is just a guess….

Any help is very much appreciated.:smile:

Was the engine hot? The oem coolant tank has a pressure release valve that squirts directly onto the firewall, if I recall correctly.

I know this because I listened to the noise for quite some time once after the relay that turns on the fan in my car died. I didn't know what it was, though, until the engine overheated amidst the stink of vaporized coolant.
No.. its not an overheating issue. Its something somewhat "normal" I just don't know what it is..
Thank you everyone for your responses! I’m pretty sure this isn’t a coolant tank issue because I haven’t had any overheating problems. Also, I don’t have an OEM coolant tank. The car is running just fine so I am going to have to agree with Chado when he said “It’s something somewhat “normal” I just don’t know what it is…..”
FYI, the car is a 1999.
Thank you again for everyone’s input!
I'll ask Ramon today.. I think he told me once already, but I forgot.. :tongue: Just weird how it only happens every so often.
Over pressure relief valve for the fuel system.
When the fuel expands from the heat of the atmosphere the fuel expands and the valve lets the high regulated pressure bleed off as not to blow seals and o-rings etc, etc... Situation normal.