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Center Console Question

12 January 2008
Lake Tahoe
I was looking to replace/repair the coin holder box on my 2005 Silver/Silver. The one that is in the car is a little worn out by the previous owner. I called two dealers and the part is no longer offered :confused:

This is the black, textured open box that sits just posterior to the manual gear shift area and anterior to the coin holder area of the center silver console cover.

This is listed as PANEL, TRAY *YR247L* part #9 on the Acura Parts schematics diagram (used Neillo's web site). Weird..... in that the part is also listed as brown, when the tray is black colored in my car.

-anyone know of where to get the part besides via Acura parts?
-if no go on the above, anyone know a link to "how to instructions" to remove the center console panel (PANEL, CENTER CONSOLE *YR247L*) so I can get to and remove the above damaged part and attempt a self fix it up?

THX :wink: