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Changes at the glen

23 July 2003
I just received this forward:

What follows is the official “what changed” at Watkins Glen Int’l.

Track Changes
Turn 1 DL
The runoff has been raised 4 ft. and asphalted
Turn 2 DR
New FIA curb
Turn 3 DL
New FIA curb
Rail has been moved back
New catch fence at the tunnel
Added caution light DR at the tunnel
New FIA curb DR pass the tunnel
Inner Loop
All new FIA curbs
Coming out of the loop DL the rail has been moved back
Entrance to the boot
DL New FIA curb
Turn 6
DR rail has been moved back
Catch fence DL and DR
Between Turn 6 and 7
Catch fence DL and DR (over the tunnel)
Between turn 7 and 8
Catch fence DL and DR (over the tunnel)
Turn 8
Catch fence behind the run off DL
Catch fence DL and DR (over the tunnel)
Turn 9
Run off DR has been asphalted
Rail dividing the short course and long course has been removed
Rail DR coming out of the boot has been moved back
Catch fence DL and DR over the West tunnel
Turn 11
Run off area has been asphalted
Catch fence DL
New FIA curb DL
All tire walls have been rebuilt and banded with belting
All 2 high rail in the boot has been changed to 3 rail high

his opinions/osbservations: I am going out for the first time this year on monday and Tue (tracquest) but curious to know your opinions as well

Turn 1 DL
Nice change!
Turn 2 DR
The New FIA curb seems too short or it is just in the wrong place, I'm not driving it
Turn 3 DL
Same as above, the only addition is the one at the top of the hill seems dangerous if you
do touch it because where it goes from flat curb to tall curb it is very steep, almost looks like
it could launch the car if you hit it.
Inner/Outer Loop
First curb on DR seems okay, but the last 2 are bumpy as heck if you try to drive over them like I used to
Turn 6
Holy cow did they cut down some trees...
Between Turn 6 and 7 & Between turn 7 and 8
Wow, these new fences are cool...
Turn 8
Off all the places I want to see an additional curb, and they do nothing. It would be so nice if we
could get a curb at the track out point here so people would be less likely to step into the grass and panic.
Turn 9
Sounds like lots of changes, but it is still the fun little corner it always was
Turn 10
I'm surprised they did not get rid of this sand trap
Turn 11
A bit more pavement but not a big change
The new fences really catch your attention at first
Tire walls now have a "smooth" outer cover on them so they no longer look like just a bunch of old tires
I hope the rain has gotten some of the mud/dirt off the track
New concrete in Garage Bay #1, very smooth, be careful when it is wet and I mean really careful!

John Bulbulia