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Check engine

22 June 2007
St. Petersburg, Russia
After I have installed SOS Big bore throttle body and SOS Super ECU with zif soket, Headers/exhaust catalitic pipes of Taitec and from time to time Check engine light comes out. After I shut the engine it goes off, and might appear again without any logical sequence. Quite difficult to have it checked with dealer, since when it's on - I have no time/dealr have no room, when they/I have time - it does not appear...Have you faced same?
When the check engine light (CEL) is lit, it stores a code in your car's computer. That code stays there even after you turn the car off, and can be read at any time thereafter, even if the CEL is no longer lighting up.

If you're handy mechanically, you can use a bent paper clip as a jumper on the connector, and use it to check the code(s) yourself. The service manual has diagnostic procedures for the various possible codes, in the front of the Fuel and Emissions section.