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check out my new blower

Forced induction. I love it! So, as a Targa owner, I can KEEP my engine cover/top holder? I've been going back and forth in my mind about supercharging/turbo'ing my car for weeks on end. NOW, out comes a kit that gives me(and my targa) a happy medium. Now I have to go back to my preoccupation with more choices. Another wrench thrown into the mix, I hate and love you guys all at the same time. Does that make sense?
PS got those tires Justin? XLNT
john, yea got the tires - world of difference.

ak, I dont know the answer to that, Basch told me 400hp. Chris knows I want one and I need to schedule an install date.

Basch told me no need to even modify the top storage area.
Originally posted by ak:
How come the HP gain claim is so drastically different from what's posted on Dali Webpage?

it is not - different cars with different mods make differnt power - My Candy Cane NSX does 410RWHP, Brian Zublin's does 366-68RWHP depending on the dyno run you pic.....

Mark Johnson for Mark B. who is in the shower....
Ton o' questions.
1. Does it void factory warranties?(Comptech is Acura approved?)
2. Guaranteed 2 years against what? (SC and or Car)
3. Should you change the clutch? (stock OK?)
4. How long does the install take?
5. Easily reversable?
6. Anything else on the car that SHOULD be changed when you install the SC?
410 RWHP? What are the necessary mods to get there? That is a world of difference from 365 RWHP! By the way, I just did a comparison. Basch is producing around same numbers as Larry's turbo, without taking up the space. Of course, the turbo does not have an intercooler either, or at least in the competitive price range. Now what is the deal with Vortech's SC? I'm getting lost with all these new systems coming out. Will there be a superior one? Will cost be the determining factor? Will my bank account survive through this?
It should be noted that the BaschBoost system has been proven to be very repeatable, however, it has been installed on a variety of tuned cars from bone stock to non stock. For example, on a bone-stock 91, the charger put out just under a consistent 370 hp. On a highly tuned 92 NSX (3.2L engine, headers, exhaust, cams, intake) the system put out a consistent 410 hp.

We have been so impressed by the repeatability and consistency of the kit, especially compared to the lower hp numbers at higher boost pressure of other kits. This is a real testament to the efficient design of the kit.

Mark Basch, who engineered and designed this kit, has done a great job. I look forward to having a kit installed on my car shortly!

-- Chris


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