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Check out this chick's garage

To each their own, but you have to be impressed with the mileage on some of those vettes and the collectibility factor. I hate to not see a car driven at least some though.
I would love to own that '67 roadster. I had a '67 coupe back in the mid 70's with a 427/435 HP, 4sp, factory sidepipes, knock-offs, teak-wheel, sunshine yellow......man I wish I still owned that car.

I would love to come back as a car in that garage....
Thats nucking futs! I thought some of the guys posts were pretty funny. I do agree with andyH though, not my cup of tea. I would rather have something different, or just settle for the house. :biggrin:
Yup, bin the lot, buy me a F430, or a used 360SC. Or, for that sorta money get me a Porsche GT.

Very nice collection though, them low mileage ones must be worth a fortune.
WOW! that garage would hold a ton of NSXs once its cleared out.. :wink:
blknsxnoc said:
WOW! that garage would hold a ton of NSXs once its cleared out.. :wink:
And once you turned a profit on all those old vettes, imagine what you could have SOS and Factor X come and do to them.
It would be hard to wake up every morning and choose which 600hp widebody NSX you would drive to work. :biggrin: