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Chip behind door handles

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May 12, 2000
Redmond, WA
Just noticed a few days ago that I have a chip behind the door handles, on the piller where you stick you hand in to pull on the handle. I didn't notice this until I was waxing my car for the first time today. The chip's about the size of a nail head(hard to see due to the location and the door must be opened) and I have it behind both door handles. At first, I about had a heart attack thinking that someone's fingernail, or their rings caused the chip. However, after getting my composure back, I investigated a bit further and found that the chip was due to the actual part of the door handle banging against it when closing the door. So, I went down to my dealer and checked out the two 2000 NSX's there and found the same chips in the exact same locations. Anybody else experiencing the same problems? I was going to just touch up paint the chip, but should I get it repaired under warranty?

At least it's a good thing that the chips won't rust due to the aluminum frame...