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CHP 11-99 Sponsor Wanted

27 April 2005
according to http://www.chp1199.org/INDEX2.HTM in order for me to donate $1800 and become a lifetime member, i need a sponsor. This seems ridiculous to me.

California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation Membership Application

"Contact the Foundation at [email protected] to request an application for membership. Provide your mailing address and one will be mailed to you. You must be referred by a current member of the 11-99 Foundation and you must provide current member's name and phone number on the application."

I guess the rules are the rules. Can anyone out there be a reference for me by sending me their name and phone number? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

If so, feel free to contact me at 888.786.9633 ext 187 or email me at [email protected].

Erik Pace Birkholz, CISSP
It turns out that you can still get the membership without a member referral. Interesting since the site says you need a referal, but you actually dont. They told me this will be implemented in the future, so get em while they are hot. =-)