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Cincy guys - HELP.

6 September 2008
Hey guys, I broke a front - right sway bar link. Ordered another one from a dealer online (Superior & Columbia weren't answering phones - assume power out at both).

I have a track event this weekend at Putnam. Hopefully, it will get here in time but just in case I am looking for a back up...

Anyone want to trade theirs for a brand new one (if it doesn't come Fri then it should Mon)? It takes 5 min to pull out - 2 17mm nuts.

Not sure if I will need it as my part may get here in time, but just throwing a Help just in case for a backup.

Thanks Brian, I appreciate that. Part came in today so I am good to go...

Any Indy people who are bored Sat or Sun, I will be at Putnam Park with the CIR PCA. Stop by and find me (the only NSX) and I would be more than happy to take you for a ride as I am instructing this weekend and can take passengers.