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Circa 2007: NSX with a V10!

28 July 2022
Bay Area, CA
Ran across this Car and Driver mag while organizing my NSX Driver newsletters today. It was 10 years after I bought my NA1 and I was looking for increased power to weight ratio. But Honda had prototyped a front engine V10. I still wanted it. Read on…

Very cool trip down nostalgia lane. As I recall, the recession hit the following year, set all the automakers back, and delayed the gen 2.
It liked it and would have bought one if it was half the price of an LFA which is still the car I will buy when I win tonight‘s PowerBall.
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This is the one I wanted:
I really thought this would be the basis for the next NSX. But Honda was still in F1 and probably saw the advent of MGU-H around the corner. I'm sure at that point they had initial talks about next gen F1 motors. Add to that the housing crash and when they went back to the drawing board they were probably looking at future tech beyond ICE engines. Remember back then they started the 'Earth Dreams' campaign too.

A high revving Honda V-10 would have been glorious to have in a street car though.