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Cleaning Wheels Dry, Wheel Waxes, etc.

14 April 2001
Sandy Eggo, CA
Can anyone recommend a wheel wax product (such as Wheel Wax, RejeX) that they think is particularly outstanding for reduction/protection against excessive brake dusting from my Carbotech Panter Plus brake pads?

... or are they all the same?

Also, is it safe to wipe off the brake dust dry? Sometimes (OK, everytime), I just want to take a MF or terry cloth towel and wipe it down instead of taking the hose out, etc.

And yes, I've already tried to not use the brakes so much because it just slows me down. ;)
No amount of wax will stop the build up of brake dust. You need to get new/different pads for that.

Otherwise I would stick with RejeX for rims.

And I would not dry wipe them, at least use a detail spray or something wet.....

Don't forget that a good coat of wax on the wheels will make it easier to keep the wheels clean!
I use Honda Spray Polish on dry or wet wheels and it works great. Cleans them up nicely and leaves a slick(er) surface.

Been using it on bikes and cars for 12 years now.

Find it at your local Honda dealership for about $7 bottle.
Most detail packages have the detail spray and if im not mistaken its safe for all wheels. It just sits around so put it to use and wash/wipe you wheels off.