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Interior CLOCK Surround/Vents


15 July 2009
Guys I have not logged into NSXPRIME since March or so I am sorry for that, I sold my NSX and miss it with a passion ( saving up to buy it back from the guy for more than he paid me LOL )I feel like something was ripped from my heart. I am in a jam and need to raise some cash so I am gonna start selling some of my parts I still have and I was saving for my next NSX. the New NSX looks like garbage and I will not be getting one of them inless I find one wrecked then I will gut it and put it into a old coupe chassis.
After getting my 04 NSX stolen from an ex-business partner ( still in proceedings for that not kidding ) getting stiffed for 22K from another NSX owner, then people bouncing multiple checks at my NSX shop I said F-it my thinking was wash my hands of this, but there are to many good NSX owners out there and I loved helping everyone that I could I am a helping guy in nature. sorry for the rant mods..

today I have a great shape Clock surround you will never find another one trust me. I would say its a 8.9/10 there is 2 small scratches o the aluminum film but other wise its in great shape, not cracked no damage vents work perfectly

this will fit all years 1991-05 thought the color changes from different years NSX you need to verify if it will match your year.

asking 375 for the unit shipped anywhere in the USA and international buyer need only ask for a quote.

Paypal accepted OBO

Email me for pics,,,, I cant upload because of my pic size limit for some reason. never had problem before

stay tuned for more of my items coming this week. make me sick having to sell off my extras but with 4 kids now and a house with 28K in new furniture my pockets are empty LOL

send me a message if your interested.

thanks for looking
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