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clutch initialization

20 September 2003
I did a search and came onto a page with this :
"Turn it until you can feel the pressure increase when it touched the mid plate. Then turn 360 degrees"
Why is this different with the manual?
150 to 210 degrees?
And why is the lower part on the manual crossed out.
I realize that the page I found with the search is an initialization of the clutch with the gearbox in place, so the exact 'play' is not that important??
(reference page 12-16 of the NSX maintenance manual found on prime)

Reason for my question : the engine is on the ground at the moment, difficult to reach the underside of the flywheel. So I would like to put the gearbox on, put the engine in the car and do the initialization later, the way that is described in the prime-page not the MM page.

any input? Larry maybe :smile: ?
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Hi Bart,

Whatever you do DO NOT leave the screws in as you turn the flywheel as may be suggested in the FAQ. I do not know if Lud got to update the procedure. You do it one guide pin at a time removeing the bolt BEFORE you turn the flywheel. Also you will turn the engine 120 degrees to the next guide pin, there are three.

Do you have the trans in or out? If it is out you can look at the guide pins to see their position. On page 12-16, Step 3 shows the proper position. Not sure why the book is crossed out:). The main idea is to get the guide pin up against the mid plate as far as possible toward the transmission(away from the engine), so when you depress the clutch and release the assembly the mid plate will move out the .016" +/- and then the mid plate will stop. This will allow BOTH clutch disks to not drag. As the clutch disks wear, the guide pin will be pushed in toward the engine(since the first disk will be getting thinner), and again the mid plate, when released will only travel the .016" from the engaged position.

This is why they call it initialization, you are setting the starting position of the guide pin on a fresh installation. If the pin is too close to the engine side, the mid plate will not move out enough, and it will drag and you cannot get the car into gear.

Also, per Mark Basch, you can use one of the black screws that holds the injector covers in place for this. Frankly, that is all I use:).

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thx Larry,
I'll put the gearbox on the block, put it all back in the car and do it from underneath the car. No reason to hassle with an engine on the floor...