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Clutch Install Price - Canadian Style

8 April 2004
Edmonton, Alberta
I was quoted $2,311.99 cdn for the supply and install of a clutch for my 91.
This includes the oem throwout bearing and the oem clutch set kit.
Also included are shop supplies.
They have 6.5 hours on the books for this but realize it will take 7-8 and up to two days.
I will only have to pay our tax on top of the quoted amount.
I was given a 10% discount on the parts in this quote.
The car is at 149,000km (92,500 mi) and the last clutch was at 98,160km (61,000 mi). Price at that time in 2002 was 2,800.00 cdn at Burrard in Vancouver, B.C. They have 8 hour tech time.
What has your experience been and price on Canadian replacements?
p.s. Thats $1,900.00 US at this current exchange rate.
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That sounds about right to me. I was quoted the same thing plus taxes by an Acura dealer in Montreal. My friend works there and I also got a discount on the parts. They were originally charging $1430 for the clutch assembly plus an additional $320 for the throw out bearings which were not included in the price, as well as $660 for the labour and $200 or so for fluids. That's $2610 plus tax at 15% (we get killed on taxes in Quebec). They also told me about 8.5 hours. Hope this helps.
That sounds like a great deal. A typical dealer price these days is more like USD2200-2500. This is for a five-speed, of course; the six-speeds are higher.

Incidentally, I'm familiar with DURIM91NSX's dealer (most of us in the Midwest are ;) ) and their charges are significantly less than most other dealers (and I'm not just referring to Chicago-area dealers, either). And they're also very, very good, very experienced with the NSX.
CokerRat said:
CDN$2300 is a good deal! I was quoted $2800 for supply and install by Silverhill Acura in Calgary 2 summers ago.
:eek: :eek: WOW. I can't imagine paying that much to maintain my ride. I did the R&R just recently for the price of the parts from a fellow board member. :tongue: