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Clutch Pedal Stop

30 November 2000
Prescott, AZ, USA
The February issue of Grassroots Motorsports has an article on optimizing one's car and a reference to a clutch pedal stop designed for BMWs (it looks like a rubber stopper attached to a bolt). The idea is to decrease the clutch pedal travel to the full down position and thereby the time it takes to shift. Previous posts have mentioned the general long throw of stock NSX clutches (they tend to engage near the full out position). Attaching a restrictor on how far the clutch can be disengaged would appear to have benefits. Has anyone installed such a device?
I have this same problem. The clutch goes down about 4-5 inches before it stops on the floor. However, it really only needs to go down about 2 inches for full engagement. The other 2-3 inches is a waste of travel/time. Does anyone have any good suggestions on how to put a stop on the back of the clutch pedal to decrease the amount of pedal travel?