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Clutch slave cylinder part # error?

4 March 2002
Culver City
I'm currently in the process of having my clutch cylinders replaced and what was odd was that my mechanic called in the order to Acura and we found it as part # 46930-SL0-003. However, upon opening the part and comparing it to the existing one (1993 NSX), they differ in size. The new part is longer and the 2 holes for the bolts don't line up the same. That led us to believe we received the wrong part.

But then I did a google search and it appears most indications are that the part number does apply to all models from 91 to 05. I did another search for 93 NSX clutch slave cylinder and that search also returned the same part #.

So anybody know what gives here? How would the right part number be a different size, causing it not to fit right?