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clutch sugestions

30 April 2002
los angeles
i am looking for a possible new clutch for a 91 with 61k miles on it. i would like for it to support about 400whp with easy engagement for daily driving in heavy traffic. any suggestions? should i stay\can i stay with stock replacement?
The comptech clutch is what will work for you, BUT not cheap. Mark B. ran this clutch with the CTSC and liked it. PM him. Many others, will not be easy on the leg in heavy traffic. The Exedy is a cheap clutch that will hold the power, but chatters a bit and would be annoying in stop and go traffic.

The stock clutch will hold the power, but not too long. I wouldn't get the oem with 400bhp. Honestly I don't think you will find a 400bhp clutch that will be exactly as easy as the oem. You will have to trade some of that for the extra holding power.
Before deciding what to get, I suggest finding someone who is using any clutch you are considering, and seeing if they'll let you try driving theirs.

I'm sure there will be NSXs with a variety of clutches in them at this event later this year...