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Cody at LoveFab A++

4 August 2000
Atlanta, Georgia USA
Well I have to tell you, I was quite nervous sending ($x.xxx.xx) over a bank wire to a person I do not know only to bring my car to his location a week and a half later and leave it with him.

Well only moments after meeting Cody with LoveFab, I felt 100% comfortable leaving my baby with him. You will quickly realize that Cody is very knowledgeable about the NSX, he does EXCELLENT clean work and this is a man with a lot of integrity (which will go a long way in the NSX Community)

Yesterday I drove my NSX to Cody in Buckley, Michigan and first off Cody was nice enough to take time from his family to take my car into his shop on a Sunday. He and his wife then took me down to dinner in town. Cody was also nice enough to take me for a ride in his Monster NSX 900hp Beast.

They were even gracious enough to let me stay in their home and took me to the airport this morning.

For anyone who is on the fence about purchasing a LoveFab Turbo system from Cody, please put all of your doubts aside. I only wish some of these other companies that serviced the NSX Community would care enough about each and every one of their customers like Cody.

I cannot wait until I get my NSX back (August 11th)

I just wanted to thank Cody publicly.

Thank You!