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Comedian Mitch Hedberg is Dead

1 December 2004
The Woodlands, TX
I was shocked to hear about this. Most of you probably have never heard of him, but personally he was my favorite comic. If you have never heard him, check out www.mitchhedberg.net and download some of his older material. Like all comics, their early stuff was better than the later.
Mitch was definitely a great comedian, very unique. I'm just thankful that I got to see him live a few times. Its such a shame that he's gone, maybe now he'll get some of the recognition he deserved though. I've heard that he had an HBO special in the works, it'd be cool if they still went ahead with it and did a tribute to him.
Yea, i heard about it a few days ago. Alot of people didnt care for him, but i just thought his unique delivery was hilarious. Too many people dying lately....
I saw him at a comedy club in DC a couple years back. You could totally tell he had a drug problem. Still, he was one of my favorites. His style always reminded me a little bit of Steven Wright.