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Coming to Addison with ABS TOOLS

20 October 2005
Boise, Idaho
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am coming to Addison, TX. for a conference on 21-23 April. I am willing to bring my ABS tools to help anyone with a 91-92 NSX that is having ABS problems. I don't know my schedule exactly yet, but anticipate that the evenings will be open. Send me a PM.

What we will need is:
2 Qts of brake fluid (flavor of your choice) I like the Wal-Mart Prestone in the bright yellow container.
2 cans of spray brake parts cleaner (it's cheap at Wal-Mart too)
A roll of paper towels, (you guessed where),
20 Oz bottle of Diet Coke (that's for me),
and a ride from the hotel.

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