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Comptech vs Taitec Exhaust

10 February 2001
Southern California
Okay, I'm pretty much set on what headers I want to get for my car, however, I feel my exhaust set-up won't be complete without an aftermarket exhaust. I've narrowed it down to Comptech Exhaust and the Taitec GT Competition Exhaust. Which exhaust is louder? I know that the Taitec is lighter and probably better built. However, I don't want the exhaust to be loud so that it drones at highway speeds. What would be ur pick out of the 2? Thanks.
I'll give you some facts:

1. The TAITEC exhaust is significantly less expensive.
2. The TAITEC exhaust is significantly lighter.
3. The exhaust is slightly louder than Comptech, but it does NOT drone. The drone noise that you are probably refering to results from exhausts not properly tuned. You most often hear this coming from owners of the RM exhaust (which I previously owned as well).

I'll give you an opinion:
1. I prefer the sound of the TAITEC exhaust. The note is very subdued at lower RPMs, being a touch louder and deeper than factory. At high RPMs, especially at VTEC @ WOT, the exhaust transforms into a note that is very distictive of the Japanese exhausts. Best way to describe it is a high pitched and low pitched tuned note. My most frequent comment from buyers of the TAITEC exhaust is that they are very happy with the ability to drive around town with out being noticed, while being able to 'kick it up a notch' on the freeway.

That being said, I also like the Comptech products. The latest generation headers and exhausts exhibit smart engineering and excellent build quality. I believe that they surpass all other American-based NSX products. I also have Comptech products available for sale, and run the Comptech header system on my own car.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

-- Chris


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If you wait a little bit longer, I can supply you with headers AND exhaust for your car,with a lifetime warranty(even if you run forced induction/nitrous). Two different sound levels will be available(one being a little louder than stock, the other a step up from that). The exhaust is being beta tested right now(flawless) and is going into production in the next couple of weeks. The exhaust will feature extra bungholes for tuning(O2 sensor holes). Check my site for more updates http://anytimeracing.com/ Website in the works!

John Richards
HEy Chris, if you are selling Comptech products, do you also sell the Comptech headers? How much youselling them for? Im debating of whether to get the DC sports ones or the Comptech ones....

Ok, a related question. I have been thinking about an after market exhause for my 92. My question is, does it really significantly help the performance. I have heard several people say it is like 20 hp and others say it is more like 5 hp. Thoughts?

Originally posted by keving:
I have heard several people say it is like 20 hp and others say it is more like 5 hp. Thoughts?


I think the exhaust only is 5hp where the combination of headers, exhaust and intake gives the 20 hp.
Now that this looks like a forum for a public tournament, I'll put in my pitch.
Who can claim fame to the following :

Years of exhaust research including decades of extracting every HP possible for many of the F1 team powerplants (including you know who).
An R&D department that by itself can put all the assembled competition under its roof.
Complete development of OEM exhaust systems (headers and mufflers) for most road going F and L cars. (including 355, 360, 550, F40, F50 and now F60)
Development of aftermarket units for the same cars (better sound, better quality and maximized power with no OEM constraints).
Development of road and race exhausts for world champion Ducati.
World network of sales and service.

My personal NSX-owner opinion:
I was so happy to hear that they considered the NSX for a product that I bought one unseen and unheard and liked it so much I offered to help them sell it.
When I opened the box, I understood why it was more expensive and whenever I drive my NSX, I justify the extra $ with a smile. Nothing compares to a TUBI.
Nothing compares to a McLaren F1 as well, but some things come with a price ;-)

Please private me on Comptech product requests. I have not been able to add tehse products to my online catalog.

-- Chris


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I'll throw in my $02 worth here...for quite some time DC was making Comptech's header's, not sure if that is still the case. Also doesn't Comptech use magna-flow cans on their units? They don't manufacture their own exhaust cans.
In addition to being out of stock when I had to have them installed, and despite the Comptech NSX headers being slightly more expensive, I believe the Comptech headers are better constructed. Dyno testing has shown the two to be about the same in performance.

-- Chris


http://www.NSXClassifieds.com - free NSX classifieds site!