Comptech Widebody in Full Carbon Fiber FOR SALE CHEAP

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Nov 25, 2004
I have a complete Comptech Widebody in Carbon Fiber from Import Fan for sale. All the panels are made in carbon fiber. Will work will all NSX from 91-2001. I also have the front half of the 2002 bumper from Cantrell Concepts that will be included so you can retrofit the face, or make the widebody fit a 2002 and above Acura NSX. I have decided to pull the trigger and just ordered the Veilside Fortune Widebody Conversion Kit. Local Pickup $3000 in So. Cal. I can also ship but I need to figure out shipping rates across the country. You can reach me at [email protected]

Comes with the following

-Front Bumper
-2002 Upper Front Bumper for Conversion
-Front Fenders
-Side Skirts
-Rear Quarter Panels
-Rear Bumper

Here is a picture of the brand new kit in my warehouse

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