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Comtec strut bar?

Has anyone tried with any luck to install a triangular {comtec} sturbar into a coupe? I know some modding will be involed but is the coupe engine bay the same diamiter as a "T" engine bay. Thanks.
Anyone got a pic of a red comtec strutbar for the "T" version installed? Thanks.:smile:

Here's two photos of my red NSX-T.


Man that is awsome looking. I wonder if the front to rear is the same diameter in a coupe and a "T" engine bay. If so I can fab a front bracket. Thank's for the pic. :smile:
Do you experience better handling with the bar installed? Does it give you more oversteer than usual?

I don't know about experiencing better handling? I've never driven the NSX without the strutbar. All I know is the car handles extremely well.

Comptech strut bar serve same purpose as the OEM bar found in the T car. It is designed that way to accommodate the super charger.

Some people do get it because it is good looking, but I find it to be weird with the big gap in the middle without the CTSC. Even with that, I'm tempted to buy one any way.

If you have a coupe, there is JDM version you can get, but it's in the way of CTSC if you have it.
Vance, I want one because they look great. I have the coupe but hoped I could fab the front bracket to work. Unfortunately the one in classifieds was sold rather quickly. I would love a red one.:frown:
I have the CT strut bar for the coupe, and used the stock bar before that for 2 years. I have to honestly say I could never detect any difference. Senna had them stiffen the chassis enough that my butt can't tell any dif.
here's some more