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Concerned with my rubbing issues. Any help appreciated!

10 February 2001
Southern California
Okay, I'm officially confused with my rubbing issues. Everyone that I have spoken to says that with my setup I should not rub. My front is rubbing and its really annoying. It kind of makes me regret altering the suspension of my car. I have 17x7.5 + 40 offset with eibachs and bilsteins in the front along with 215/40ZR17s, and I rub. I have spoken to other NSXers that have gone wider and lower than me with no apparent rubbing problems. Can someone give me some insight as to why I'm experiencing these problems?? Thanks in advance.

I agree, it is very weird that you are rubbing with that configuration. I'm curious... measure the front fender gap from fender to tire. Let us knwo what it is. Also, you may want to check your plastic fender liner and AC vent plastic shield. Sometimes those can work loose and could possibly cause the rubbing.

-- Chris


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Do you have the Bilsteins on the top (stock height) perch? What is the backspacing on your wheels?
Hmm.. I think I told the dealer to use the higher perch but I will double check on Monday. My car does seem lower than some of the cars with eibachs. Hope that is the problem.

Hi guys, it seems that my bilsteins are set for the stock height. So I still don't know why I'm rubbing (sigh). I was thinking about taking out the eibachs, installing back the stock springs and use the lower perch on the bilsteins. However, I'm not 100% sure whether raising it a little bit will solve my rubbing problem. Maybe I should just deal with it. Any suggestions?

I have slight full lock rubbing with 215/40/17 on blitz 03 wheels and HR springs.225/45/16 rubbed a little more on stock wheels.Not much of a bother it just rubbed the black coating off the inner wheel well, and now its shinney. Rubbing is multifactorial;tire size spring height and wheel offset.