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Congrats Seth at SOS.

24 March 2001
Neenah, Wi
Just recieved my May issue of Super Street and Seth has a nice little write up and pictures of his NSX...congrats Man !!!
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Congratulations Seth! When are those carbon fiber tires going on the car? :biggrin:
i saw this magazine at the bookstore this weekend while i was waiting for SIN CITY's next showing (most awesome movie!)

someone should get HQ pictures of the moving shots on Seth's car. they look incredible.
again, Congrats Seth at SOS for making Super Street.

ive noticied NSX's are showing up in a lot of import magazines lately.
move supra, your going the way of the dinosaur :tongue:
Congrats !
Cars looking its brilliant best!

How is it driving around with the CF mirrors ?
car is sick! congrats, seth :biggrin:
I've seened it in SS Magazine as well.... :cool:
I talked to Seth yesterday and he mentioned to go get the mag to see his car. Now that it is posted, I don't have to :)

PS. Seth, I agree with you on the stickers. They look cool and hide the non-CF doors :biggrin:
Thanks so much everyone for the compliments...
The shoot was done last November when I had the car in Vegas for Sema, it has changed here and there since then but for the most part looks the same still...HOWEVER, as of this week the car is getting its virgin motor pull and is going to be out of commision for a couple months during some new product development throughout the whole car... so now I am going to have to stare at pictures if I want to see the car "together" :biggrin:
I really would have loved to see the car on the cover, but actually I would gladly trade cover for a decent write up, which I feel the car got...I was very happy with the pictures and article.

Thanks again everyone!
Why am I always the last to know?

Great pictures, nice car, but it'll always be second to the service I get from SoS.

You guys make NSX ownership worth while.

Thanks Seth and Chris,

P.S. Haven't you guys had two covers already? I mean, the XMOD car wasn't technically "yours" but it had your body kit, and wasn't Chris' car on the cover. Maybe they just thought someone else needed a "pity" cover. ;)
congrats, Seth!!!

car looks sick!!!

though, I do wonder why they chose such an ugly background for such a beautiful car :confused:
Congrats!!! Sweet ride!!!
Hi Seth,

Just picked up the Magazine today, car looks great. I hope to see you at Expo this year, if not for sure next year in the Midwest :) :eek: